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    Default Does SEO need for News Portal Website?

    I have bangla online news portal. How can I optimize properly this website?

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    Every website is need SEO service for its promotion. You can contact any SEO Service provider around your place.

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    SEO is the most effective way to attract to news reader and and term them onto loyal customer base.

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    If the website is well optimized for search engines, speaks the same language that search engine understands. This will help your website to connect users or visitors to your website. Means, you need to research that how people are searching for any product, query or information to make it easy for users to reach you. This is why selecting perfect or relevant keywords for your business or website is important. Keywords are the foundation for all your SEO efforts. So, how to find best and relevant keywords? Target those keywords that are very relevant to your business niche. Periodically use some different variation of the keywords for better results. Try to use long tail keywords in your SEO strategy also check search volume and competition of the keywords.

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    Yes it matters. Do some good keywords research.

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    Big names put a lot of money into SEO to come to the top. You should at least use AMP if you are a serious new provider. Google is officially promoting AMP ed content for the news website.

    You can keep the main page as such and then give an AMP ed URL if you are not happy with providing a full-scale AMP ed portal

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