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    Default how to increase more follower in google plus????

    Hello Friends,

    how to increase more follower in google plus????

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    Google plus has more than one billion registered and 359 million active user, as we as some of the most business-friendly features of any social network. There are few steps to increase more followers on Google plus page,

    1, Create a personal profile in addition to your business page.
    2, Treat your Google Plus page like a micro blog, and post valuable content.
    3, Add relevant people and businesses to your circles.
    4, Engage with other users in a meaningful way.
    5, Watch for trending topics to find out what your users are talking about.
    6, Search for users you want to connect with.

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    from any like to like or follow to follow web site

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    • Embed a highly shareable image within each post on your blog or website.
    • Post the image to G+ with a link back to your post in the description.
    • Share the posted image in relevant G+ communities with large audiences.

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