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  1. Default hosting godaddy or hostgator

    I am trying to create a site but wondering if it should use Goddady hosting or hostgator. What I care most about is the support mode when the site has problems??? Which is better

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    My choice is godaddy.

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    Hostgator would a better choice. Also check out Hostpappy for most useful web hosting services.

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    i use bluehost and name cheap, they are both good

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    Godaddy might be one of the best when it comes to domain registration name but its not a good choice for hosting.Here is a list of reason why Hostgator wins over GoDaddy:-

    -Better UI
    -Complaint free web hosting performance
    -Good customer support and reliability
    -Lower number of cancelation

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    Choose Exabytes Singapore ..=P Data hosted in Singapore.

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    As I think GOdaddy is better because I have used it before and it was quite good, I never used hostgator but I think hostgator is also good as I heard about it. But I personally know godaddy.

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    Hostgator would a option. Check out Hostpappy for web.

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    Hostgator is better then GoDaddy, in my opinion, Godaddy is a fucking cheater company.

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