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    Default Mention some important google algorithms and it's usage?

    Mention some important google algorithms and it's usage?

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    1. Panda

    How it works: Panda assigns a so-called “quality score” to web pages; this score is then used as a ranking factor. Initially, Panda was a filter rather than part of Google’s ranking algo, but in January 2016, it was officially incorporated into the core algorithm. Panda rollouts have become more frequent, so both penalties and recoveries now happen faster.

    2. Penguin

    How it works: Google Penguin’s objective is to down-rank sites whose links it deems manipulative. Since late 2016, Penguin has been part of Google’s core algorithm; unlike Panda, it works in real time.
    3. Hummingbird

    How it works: Hummingbird helps Google better interpret search queries and provide results that match searcher intent (as opposed to the individual terms within the query). While keywords continue to be important, Hummingbird makes it possible for a page to rank for a query even if it doesn’t contain the exact words the searcher entered. This is achieved with the help of natural language processing that relies on latent semantic indexing, co-occurring terms and synonyms.
    4. Pigeon

    How it works: Pigeon affects those searches in which the user’s location plays an important part. The update created closer ties between the local algorithm and the core algorithm: traditional SEO factors are now used to rank local results.

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    The major updates, indeed are only Google Panda and Google Penguin as it helps the web admins to invigilate their site accordingly.

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    Some important Google algorithm updates are:

    - Google Penguin
    - Google Panda
    - Google Hummingbird
    - Google Pegion
    - Google Fred
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    google panda,
    google penguin,
    google peigen,
    hamming bird,
    top heavy,

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    In SEO, there are numerous Google Algorithms.

    Google Panda: it decreases the website rank of lower quality websites
    Google Penguin: it affects those sites that implements Black Hat SEO techniques
    Google Pigeon: it affects those sites in which user's location is important.

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