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    Hare are 3 biggest benefits of hybrid servers:

    • Cost Savings: While any business could benefit from cloud computing, cloud technology isn’t the best idea for all tasks. There are certain processes that are preformed much more efficiently when using dedicated, on-site hardware. With this in mind, IT professionals can help to cut costs by designating which tasks are best suited for each particular technology. By optimizing these processes and boosting efficiency, costs related to overburdened resources can be greatly reduced.
    • Architectural Flexibility: Hybrid cloud technology allows the IT team to organize workloads in the most efficient way possible. This set up can be easily tweaked and adjusted as the situation mandates. The mixture of public and private cloud deployments allows organizations to transition app, resource and data deployment between public and private infrastructure based on evolving business-oriented IT needs. Both on-site servers and off-site cloud resources are available and can also be integrated to provision resources for changing IT needs based on varying business policies.
    • Increased Security: A number of IT professionals are still concerned about security and multi-tenancy when using the cloud. Hybrid cloud technology allows for specified servers to be isolated from these threats. An organization’s devices can be configured to communicate with these servers over a private network.

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    1, On permise infrastructure
    2, No latency due to internet traffic
    3, Faster processing time as some data is processed locally and thus you save time when compared to all data processed on cloud.
    4, Complicated processes run out public cloud so saves expenses and management of infrastructure
    5, You can use a private cloud all the year and extend your public cloud usage as and when required, instead of building or extending on-permises infrastructure.

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    Hybrid cloud computing is a comprehensive approach in IT consumption. It combines on-premises servers, private cloud and public cloud to achieve a seamless platform. It lowers trade-offs, breaks up the technical hindrances to attain optimal benefit and better performance from every component, which in turn, enables businesses to concentrate on their goals.

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    Advantages of using hybrid servers:
    Business Continuity
    Opportunity for Innovation
    Enhances Connectivity

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    Hybrid cloud benefits are easily quantifiable. According to our research, by connecting dedicated or on-premises resources to cloud components, businesses can see an average reduction in overall IT costs of around 17%.
    By leveraging the benefits of hybrid cloud, your business can reduce overall total cost of ownership and improve cost efficiency. Hybrid cloud allows you to more closely match your cost pattern to your revenue/demand pattern, and in the process, move your business from a capital-intensive cost model to an Opex-based model.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer Fernando View Post
    I have never heard about such hosting solutions. Can anyone explain me the advantages of using hybrid servers?
    Hybrid cloud hosting is the new best thing happening in US & developed countries.

    It serves the purpose of both public & private cloud server.

    It has better benefits as it can fulfill business objectives & reduce total cost of ownership while improving cost efficiency.

    With hybrid cloud hosting, you can combine dedicated server with cloud hosting and can address many security and compliance concerns.

    These are some of the feature of hybrid cloud hosting. It is constantly innovating and will continue to do so.

    To know more about it, contact your server hosting provider now.

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    Benefits of using hybrid servers:
    Flexibility and optimize Workloads
    Billing Optimization
    Stability and Availability
    Talent acquisition

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    hybrid cloud benefits include:

    Security – including private cloud in the mix gives reassurance when it comes to security of your most sensitive operations, and can make it easier to meet regulatory data handling and storage requirements.

    Cost efficiency – depending on your use, public cloud tends to offer a more cost-effective solution than private cloud. Hybrid cloud adopters can balance their need to be cost efficient with the security of keeping their most sensitive and critical workloads on private cloud.

    Scalability – private cloud is not necessarily un-scalable but public cloud will always be able to offer more in this regard. By moving those workloads that most benefit from scalability to the public cloud, you also reduce the demands on your private cloud.

    Flexibility – the “pick and mix” style of hybrid cloud gives organisations the chance to explore a variety of operational directions and find the optimum cloud solution for them.

    Preservation of investments – a hybrid cloud strategy enables you to continue using existing IT investments, whether on premises or colocated.

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    Please check below mentioned Benefits of using hybrid servers.
    1. High Scalability
    2. Improved Cost
    3. Very Secure
    4. High Reliability

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