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    What is the Web 2.0? And we use?

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    Web 2.0 reflects evolution in that direction. Most of the technologies used in delivering web 2.0 are rich Web technologies, such as Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight and JavaScript!!

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    Web 2.0 is technique of SEO in which you submit your articles and these articles are indexed by the Google. Try to get link from high PR web 2.0 websites

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    Web 2.0 is a kind of article where contains images, otherwise it will be article. Actually web 2.0 is a lengthy process but it works if it happens in a right way. In this way you have to add photos with text and text should be unique. And you have to add keywords, so keywords are important, and you have to anchor keywords. Here web2.0 can make backlinks, which can be helpful for indexing in google.

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