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    Advantages of a dedicated server are given below:-
    1. Reliability
    2. Unique IP address
    3. Security
    4. Customization
    5. Control

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    Hardware-wise total isolation is possible with a dedicated server. Having a room all for yourself is how you compared it to other options. It is costly though and needs expertise in maintaining hardware and software components.

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    Definitely look into the type of dedicated server you'll also be buying, usually the best performance you'll get is from a Xeon, whereas more basic servers are ones like Atom processors..
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    5 advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting provider are:

    1. Server resources are not shared

    2. Enhanced performance and security

    3. Flexibility

    4. Unique IP address

    5. No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

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    Disadvantages of a Multithreaded/Multicontexted Application

    Difficulty of writing code
    Difficulty of debugging
    Difficulty of managing concurrency
    Difficulty of testing
    Difficulty of porting existing code

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    Some advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting provider are:

    • Server resources are not shared. When you choose a dedicated hosting provider, you get the full resources of single server. ...
    • Enhanced performance and security. ...
    • Flexibility. ...
    • Unique IP address. ...
    • No overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

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    1.Server resources are not shared
    2. Enhanced performance and security
    3. Flexibility

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    Benefits of using dedicated servers are
    - Dedicated resources
    - Isolated environment with high security
    - Dedicated IP
    - Server resources scalability
    - Customizability
    - High reliability and Performance

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    Security of your site is the main reason to look at dedicated hosting. In a shared environment, there is always the possibility that someone else with a website on your server will find a way to crack into your account, exposing your company and your client data. This can be a major concern for companies that store customer credit card numbers in databases that reside on the server.

    Cost effectiveness is another important aspect of dedicated hosting. Instead of having to pay for costly add-ons, additional disk space and bandwidth, you can usually find a dedicated hosting plan that offers these features for less money than you would have to pay by adding on extras.

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    Advantages of dedicated web server hosting provider are:
    1. In dedicated server hosting, resources are not shared. Hence, it does not affect performance.
    2. You get to use full bandwidth as resources are dedicated to your work processes.
    3. Since, sharing is not possible, it gives extra security.
    4. Customization of server is possible to suit business needs.
    5. Use of both linux & windows dedicated server hosting is possible.
    6. Managed dedicated web server hosting can make use of cPanel, plesk, whm etc.

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