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    Default The Size Restrictions Of BlueHost E-mail Attachments

      Bluehost provides an additional mailbox for free, and the mailbox is using the host‘s memory, as long as the user’s capacity does not exceed 50% of the host memory, you can create an unlimited number of e-mail accounts. Then , what are the restrictions of BlueHost mailbox attachment size ?
      BlueHost is an established host in the United States with more than 20 years of history, and it is one of the most widely used U.S. hosts in China. The size of e-mail attachments that can be sent via SMTP and Web mail on BlueHost is limited to 50MB, but the official recommend that it is best not be larger than 35MB.
      Here are the reasons for determining the size of email attachments :
      1, Think the e-mail is encoded by MIME, which can can increase the size of e-mail by 40%. This means that if you send a 35MB file, but use MIME as an attachment , this file will occupy about 50MB of space.
      2, The client of e-mail also place many restrictions on fu8jiande size;
      3, The server of recipient is also limited (for example, the attachments restrictions from Gmail is only 25MB );
      4, The capacity limitations of recipient‘s mailbox (for example, when your mailbox is full, the mail that you send out will be rejected)。
      Therefore, when users need to send some large files on Bluehost shared hosting, the email attachment is generally not recommended. Users can upload files to BlueHost’s website space and then link to the file by email 。
      In short, there are restrictions of BlueHost mailbox attachment size. For some small files ,it can be sent as e-mail attachments, while for larger files, it is better to be sent in the other way as mentioned above.

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    Thanks for the excellent guide.

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    I think all web hosting companies are the same that you have described. Size of the mail box depends on the company policy

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