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    Default How long does it take for a domain name to be available after it expires?

    Hi folks,

    How long does it take for a domain name to be available after it expires?

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    As i know,
    - Registered (1-10 years)
    A domain can be registered for a period of 1-10 years. Where for the domain tld Indonesia (;;;; maximal only 1 year registration. When a domain approaches its expiration date, a notice for immediate renewal will usually be sent frequently to the registered e-mail address during the domain registration. You can make updates manually (usually contact the billing site for domain registration) or set auto renew option that will automatically take your deposit.

    - Grace Period (1-45 Days)
    This is the period when the registration period ends. There is a lot of misperception if the domain can be bought again by another party when entering this period, but what happened is not like that. Once the domain reaches the expiration stage, there are still a few more stages until the domain status can be purchased by another party (AVAILABLE). At this point, a site running using that domain name will be disabled. You can make updates (renew) without paying any additional fees. The domain is still listed in your domain panel. For this period approximately lasts for 1-45 days (varies per registration).

    - Redemption Period (30 days)
    The next stage is called the Redemption Period, if during the Grace period, you do not renew the domain. At this time domain owners can still make updates although it will be charged. A domain will be in this period for 30 days before to the next stage. During this period, the registrar reserves the right to auction the domain and submit it to another party in the absence of a claim from the previous owner. Some people will usually be interested to buy it because of various factors, one of them because the domain name is SEO friendly.

    - Pending Delete (5 Days)
    At this stage, there is no possibility for you to renew. The registrar will send the order to the registry to do the domain deletion. But if you want to have it back, you can still try and make a request order, where the registrar will try to register it on your behalf once it is available, but there is no guarantee that you can actually have it back.

    - Available
    At this time, the domain is available to the public and can be bought by anyone. If you want it back, you must actively supervise and re-register as soon as the status is available.
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    For invalid domains that were recently revived, it will take up to twenty four hours for names to be absolutely active. Once a site expires, it's directed to a default parking page and therefore theweb sitecan go down, together with any email service on the domain.

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    I have bought such domains, it can take around 2 months maximum.

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