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    Default   What is the shared Hosting?

      The shared hosting utilizes the specific software and hardware technologies and partitions one single host computer into several tiny “virtual” hosting which respectively owns the dedicated domain name, IP address (or shared IP address) and also the complete function of the Internet server. Dozens of server programs opened for different users are running upon the same hardware and operation system at the same time, and may not disrupt each other. And definitely, each user would obsess the corresponding resources on their own (like IP address, file space, internal storage and CPU time, etc. )。
      In general, the so-called “site space” has the similar meaning with the professional term “shared hosting”。 In today’s shared hosting market, even more and more hosting providers have been popped up, but most products’ qualities are still left far behind. Nowadays, almost every IDC company could basically offer the shared hosting rental service, but the performances and prices may vary greatly sometimes according to the room environments and the operation conditions of those enterprises instead. Therefore, how can we choose the shared hosting?
      As for the shared hosting product, the stability always becomes the first concern. Without the stable server ‘s access environment, all effort would turn out to be in vain. In opposite, the stable, high-efficient shared hosting plan would enable all functions of the website to exert their full strengths, and finally bring the biggest benefits.
      At the first stage, the website would have a relatively fast loading time with the deficient content and reviewers. But with the increasing website reputation and visits, the site speed would be obviously affected for the sake of the traffic restriction and the shared technology the plan adopted. So, when making your decision, you would better examine whether the shared hosting owns the stable and fast server’s resource configuration.
      The shared hosting providers generally provide clienteles with the maintenance service. One way is that the customer could directly contact the support team of the provider to let the technicians do the maintenance work for you. And the second way is that the user of course could go to the built-in control panel to realize the adjustment by his own.
      Despite the stability and speed, most medium-and-small size enterprises and website owners may consider the price as a key factor when choosing the shared hosting plan. In my opinion, you should straightly make your decision to your liking and the actual need, instead of purchasing the just popular one or the shared hosting plan that others always recommend.

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    Shared hosting is also known as web hosting, web space, web hosting space or something terms related. In fact, it’s the space on the web server where you can store your websites. Your website is anything about web files, web pages, web images and also mp3 files, movie files,…Web hosting is the space where your websites place and it processes any requests from internet users. The requests are something like downloading files, uploading files, processing an shopping order or requesting an mp3 file…

    You guys can read the full source article here: What is Shared Hosting and What you need to know!

    I hope this helps!
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    In this type of hosting, we and other servers are also there and together shares only one server. The shared hosting service is the perfect solution for the users who want to host multiple small sites for smaller business.The shared hosting is most affordable web hosting solution.and the best part is its low cost price availability for the users.

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    Shared web hosting service indicated the web hosting service where in several website or applications of shared clients are hosted on the single server. Main advantage of shared hosting is the affordability. Not so secured environment and sharing of server resources are the main disadvantages of shared hosting.

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    It's the space on the web server where you can keep your website. This is generally the most cost effective option for hosting as the cost of the server is distributed over many customers.

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    Shared Hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on a single server. In Shared Hosting, they distribute a single web server to serve, operate and accommodate numerous websites at any given point in time. It is one of the most popular forms of web hosting services provided nowadays.
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