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    Default What is volatile keyword in Java?

    What is volatile keyword in Java?

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    It means, value of the variable cant be cached thread-locally.

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    The volatile keyword could be used on every kind of variable, either primitive or objects.

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    A volatile variable will instruct JVM threads to read value of volatile variable from main memory and don't cache it locally. If a variable is not shared between multiple threads no need to use volatile keyword with that variable.
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    Volatile is applied to a variable when it is declared. It tells that value can change at any time.

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    Declaring a volatile Java variable means: The value of this variable will never be cached thread-locally: all reads and writes will go straight to "main memory"; Access to the variable acts as though it is enclosed in a synchronized block, synchronized on itself.
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    volatile keyword in java- It changes the variable accross threads. The value of the variable will not be hiding the thread-locally, the data of all read and write threads will go directly into the main-memory, and it can be enclosed to adjust the access to the variable.

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    Default Volatile?

    "Volatile” tells the compiler that the value of a variable must never be cached as its value may change outside of the scope of the program itself.

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