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    Default Domain Name and SEO

    Is we use our business keyword in domain name? Does it be helpful for our SEO campaign ?

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    Yes, it is suggested that your domain name should have keywords or words that related to your business nature as people will search it easier and google will rank it for you. But do remember that your domain name should also be easy to understand or straight to the point telling audience what are you selling.

    Good Luck!

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    Yes your domain name must be your keyword it help you to boost up your traffic toward your website.


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    Here are some opinions of SEO experts that discuss optimization of Google search engine search from the domain name factor, namely:
    1. Domain age. All two domain age, it will be increasingly in the eyes of search engines. This opinion is less precise because the influence of domain age on SEO does exist but is not a dominant factor.
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    2. Keywords on a domain. This keyword or keyword used to have a significant effect on boosting SEO, but now the "thrust" is not as big as before. Not useless, relevance still counts but the power is no longer as great as before.

    3. Keywords at the beginning of a domain or subdomain. At the SEOMOZ panelists in 2011, they concluded the results of their research that domains beginning with keywords had a positive effect compared to domains without keywords or domains containing keywords but in the middle or end.

    4. Country Top Level Domain. Using top country level domains will help rank in that country. But unfortunately, for global searches with multi-language keywords. This actually has an adverse impact. The proof, rarely friends find a geo-domain that sits in a position on a global search for multi-language keywords.
    Also read: This is the reason why you must use the .ID domain

    5. Domain Registration Age. This is based on the analysis that a valuable domain or a good domain will be registered or purchased by the owner for a long time from the start. Therefore, the longer or longer the expired date of a domain indicates that the domain is legitimate. Domain registered only for one year. Different from those who directly registered for 5 years.

    6. Domain Public Whois. Domains that use private whois (set to whois privacy data) are relatively more suspect by Google. Matt Cutts stated in Pubcon in 2006: "Hiding whois data in a domain means indicating the existence of" something "..." usually this is related to the activity of the offpage campaign later. So it's good to use private whois doesn't have a bad impact on SEO, but it definitely increases Google's "suspicion" on our site.

    7. EMD (Exact Match Domain) - The exact keyword domain. EMD or domain names that are exactly the same as keywords are factors that are highly trusted and proven to be able to boost the SERP ranking. Before September 2012 it was TRUE. But since Google updated the EMD algorithm, it's no longer valid. But that does not mean that EMD has no power, EMD is still very capable, but if the site of low-quality friends in the eyes of Google will not be considered.

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    Google guide says that business keywords in the domain name is fruitful to get good traffic to your website. If anybody asks query related to your business in Google, it first looks into your domain name if you have your keywords matches to your website domain name it automatically takes your site is best suitable for visitor's query.

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    There are 2 kinds. Brand and Keyword.

    If you opt for Brand, you wont benefit any SEO for the domain but it is a good way to established your company with your own brand.

    If you opt for keyword, indeed it will help in boosting SEO, but dont make it look like a really ridiculous domain.

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    Domain and SEO are the little interference. there and EMD, PMD in SEO. EMD- Exact Matched Domain, PMD- Partial Matched Domain

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