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    My niche is fashion and design, how can I prepare its business plan as concerns to online marketing

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    Hey Hello ! congratulation for plan a new business , for online marketing please refers to SEO building.

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    i refers to seo .. it is very good system .

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    yes your right see the seo

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    thanks for comment

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    Happy To Help You !

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    1. Research.
    2. Determine the purpose of your plan.
    3. Create a company profile.
    4. Document all aspects of your business.
    5. Have a strategic marketing plan in place.
    6. 6. Make it adaptable based on your audience.
    7. Explain why you care.

    e.g. Use SEO, SMM, Email marketing

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    Hiring a digital marketing agency would be the best thing to do. It is not hard to do digital marketing by yourselves. But you need basic knowledge of what to put and where. This is not always easy. Plus, you need to spend money and manpower on it. Hiring someone who does it on daily basis is much more comfortable than doing it on your own.

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