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  1. Default Mention what is the type of Keywords?

    Mention what is the type of Keywords?

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    there are 2 type of keyword
    1-short head keyword
    2-long tail keyword

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    1. hort Tail: Short tail keywords like “weight”, “tennis”, “bowling” have no meaning to them. What type of results is someone expecting when they type “tennis” into Google?, who knows, it’s not specific at all, so these can be ignored or as I stated above incorporated into a wider subset.
    2. Long Tail: Long tail keywords are the exact opposite of short tail keywords, usually around 5 words and very specific, something like “how do I improve my backhand tennis swing”. These are super specific but are usually low volume keywords, however these are definitely ones we will look into depending on their search volume and intent.
    3. Medium Tail: These in my opinion are the perfect middle ground between short and long tail keywords, something like “weight loss tips”, again very specific but this time accompanied by a large search volume and buyer intent.

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    There are basically two major types of keywords as below.

    - Short or generic keywords
    - Long tail keywords
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    Types of Keywords are given below:
    1. Generic keywords
    2. Long tail keywords
    3. Broad match keywords

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    There are 3 types of Keywords
    Generic (Broad Match)
    Exact Match
    Phrase Match (Long Tail Keywords)

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    Exact Match
    Phrase Match
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    These are the different type of keywords.
    Long tail keywords
    Broad match keywords
    Generic keywords

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    , This is a great article. It gave me a lot of useful information. thank you very much.

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