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    Post Beginner to Web development?

    Hi guys,
    I've really been wanting to learn how to develop websites lately as I've been doing graphic design for a few years now. From what I've gathered the best place to start is by learning HTML5, CSS and Javascript,Php is this true? If so where do I possibly begin as a beginner with no coding experience other then running basic forums. I' see tons and tons of books, but I don't know which one I should start off with, or is there a site or more preferably videos I could watch? Finally, I would start off learning HTML, then CSS and finally Javascript and so on in that order?

    Just really confused on how and where to start, any help is much appreciated. Thank you

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    You have been told right to learn HTML CSS JS and php but as you said you are graphic designer there are two options. if you want to just design websites then it is a good suggestion that you should learn WordPress and using wordpress you will not have to code anything and website can be made without coding on it. and if you do want to learn coding then select one project in the market and try to make it by yourself. doing this you will learn a lot and if you get stuck in any module or logic search for it on internet. it is the best way to learn programming and designing languages.

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