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    Shared Hosting,Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Reseller Web hosting, VPS, Colocation Hosting, Self Services Web Hosting

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    the main aspect of web hosting is hosting your website on shared hosting, linux hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers, cpanel hosting, and etc. visit hostdens for more web hosting plans

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    Top 10 ideas - How to choose web hosting company ?

    Web hosting industry have been in an uptrend since 2000 and nowadays it's getting much popular in India too, since the demand is getting high the suppliers of hosting space are getting added in the market to fulfill the requirements.
    Due to this lots of confusion and misleading is happening with the buyer, hence it's important to make sure you compare and choose the right hosting provider for your website. As we consider many points while buying our daily valuables the same way we have to make sure, that we are hosting our valuable data from safe, reliable, scalable and uninterrupted hosting provider. For all these, experts suggest hosting your data at the nearest location with redundant accessibility and faster loading speed. I have prepared the list of top 10 ideas which will definitely help you to make right decision to choose your best hosting company in India.

    Server Location
    If you look at the list of hosting provider many of big brands still does not provide you desiered server locations, they just pretend to host you the best location but server are located in geographically long distance which ultimately affects your website loading speed and the SEO. Though still, some people prefer to have a website in multiple locations and for this link of people CDN is the best solution, so hosting provider like Hostdens does provide liberty to choose the server location as per the need.

    Support Hours

    Support is the main factor of the hosting provider if you have lots of things to use with hosting provider but no support available is no use of it. Getting support available in no time is important. Hence when you choose the hosting provider make sure you double check the availability of support/ sales/billing team. Not only the availability of support team but the expert level of support team is very important, as many times some companies give you the 24 x 7 support but that is only for level one issues, where support team only create the support query (Support Ticket) and keep you waiting for seniors to come and solve it in limited hours. Hence make sure that the support team is not only available but it has solid knowledge to solve all kind of your hosting problem.

    Local Language Support

    How is the support provided is also important, some companies only ask the customer to communicate via Email (Ticket) or chat? If you find the hosting provider with Phone support then I personally suggest you to go for it as the best communication happens on phone only, why I am saying it because It may be the case that the support person cannot understand what exactly you trying to convey and how you feel on your issue. Over the phone, you can take down the support member with the steps and guide or show them how and where the problem is which helps to narrow down the issue and to solve the issue quickly.

    Speed and network infrastructure

    The main purpose of hosting your website locally is to minimize your website loading speed so it's important to make sure that you are getting the best speed for your website. You can ask support team to provide you with the demo sites hosted on the same network so that you can check the speed of the website and make sure that your website is going to place on the same network and will get the same speed. You can also ask support team to provide you with demo download URL where you can download some files (1GB files) to test the download speed from the server. Also, make sure that along with the speed the network infrastructure is also important you can ask support on network protections facilities like DDOS attack protection/malware attack protection on the infrastructure level. This will help you to make sure that your website data is hosted in a secure place and minimal downtime in case of a disaster situation.

    Beware of Hosting Resellers

    Due to the high demand and white label resellers programmed to run by the hosting provider, some of the resellers have started to pretend as an individual hosting provider and shows that they own the server and can provide you the best support. But this is not the case as they get limited access to the reseller account they can not provide you direct technical support and they have to run to the original hosting provider to get your problem solve. Now, this takes a lot of time to solve your issue and ultimately loss of your business. Hence make sure you are not choosing the resellers and the actual hosting providers.

    Applications Supported

    As per the hosting type and your website requirements you can choose your hosting plans like shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, Cloud Hosting or reseller hosting, but make sure that your hosting provider does allow you to manage your application environment like switching your PHP version, Ruby on rails, python, Perl support etc. and this process should be easy to handle on your own quickly. Many e-commerce websites do require higher PHP Memory and the upload limits. Many hosting providers do hide the limits while you signup but create the issue later. You can also find some of hosting providers which have split the hosting package as per the application/CMS you have on your website like WordPress, phpBB, E-commerce, Drupal, MongoDB, Magento etc. So you can choose the best suitable hosting package for your website as per the application type.

    Recurring Price

    Price is an important factor when you choose the hosting or domain, many hosting providers claim to give you the lowest price but be aware of such traps, ask your hosting provider for the renewal cost else you may have to pay the triple amount of what you pay in your 1st billing cycle. Some of hosting providers change the prices base on the billing cycle you choose at the time of signup only.

    Refund Policies

    You can follow all the above tips but you may get fail once you hosted on the selected hosting provider so your duty is to keep open your step backs path so that you won't lose your money if you didn't like it after using the service. Some hosting provider does give some period to claim for your hosting price but with some wired conditions. Hence its important to read each refund policy and clarify your doubts on any.

    Multi-Location Upgrade or CDN Support

    As mentioned in above at speed and network infrastructure section some of the hostings provides gives you the freedom to choose the multi-location of the server or you can also you the CDN service to get faster availability of your data for the visitor. CDN allows you to host your data and get it cache worldwide so that anyone visits your site regardless of the Geolocation of the person it should get load faster as hosted locally. This is the best part of enabling the CDN as its also filter the DDOS and other attacks up to certain extends.

    Website Management tools

    When you buy the hosting server you get the control panel to manage your website and data, it's important that the tool is user-friendly and easy to understand. Also, the backup option should be available for end users.
    The top hosting providers like Hostdens does provide you lots of features in your control panel itself. The Cpanel and Plesk are the most used control panel in hosting industries.

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    please explain aspects web hosting

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    These are the factors you should consider

    Shared V/S Dedicated Web Hosting
    Reviews of the Service Provider
    The speed of Your Web Host
    Server Software
    PHP versions

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    You must check that hosting company should offer Dedicated technical support via phone calls, chat and email. Then only you can get solutions to your issues. Then you need to check uptime, which should be 99.99%.

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    There are various aspects of Webhosting are as follows:
    1. Security Sockets Layer
    2. Secure File Transfer Protocol
    3. Data Backups
    4. Overall Network Security
    5. Firewalls

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