Pretty much the worst thing in the world is when youre putting all your time, energy and effort into creating a space online and you dont see the results youre hoping for.Well, actually, I think essentially the most worst thing on the planet is the point at which you need to present yourself with a big girl glass of wine and all that is in the fridge is milk.But not seeing the traffic, income, recognition or opportunities youve worked so hard for sucks too.I know you need it. I know the expectation is there. The expectation of success. Of happiness. Of the life you hunger for. Of that glass of wine Dear lord have mercy on me, Ive felt it as well.The want to grow. The dream to carry on with the life you need. The need to pay bills. The requirement for something more.Youre stopping away making content, connecting with via social media, impacting out how stellar your services or items are and possibly youre even having past brand accomplices or customers promote yourself on their bolsters Yet something is feeling the loss of that is allowing you to step up and grab life by the bits.Heres the thing: You might struggling at the present time on the grounds that the devices youre utilizing to achieve your objectives a full time pay, impact, association, site hits, success, and so forth are in critical need of a stimulating beverage Whats more, Im not talking by that dark, handsome stranger at the bar.

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