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    Default what is meant by online share trading ?

    Online share trading is basically an act of trading in which traders buy/sell using Internet. As we know stock market traders have to face various ups and downs while trading in market, with the introduction of online trading it has become more convenient to trade in market. Online trading has several advantages like traders can trade from anywhere, place is no more an obstacle. To trade online it is required to have a trading platform. There are various brokerage firms which offers efficient trading tools and platform using which traders can trade online. It is good to open demat account and trading account with same brokerage firm as it helps to keep records of trades in a better way.

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    Make a demat account and trade online using your banks portal

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    How many demat accounts we can make for online trading? Is it possible to make multiple demat accounts with the same broker?

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    Online share market trading is buying and selling of shares from share market. The process of starting up in the market and opening an account in trading is opening an demat account. You can open your demat account from any brokerage firm like zerodha, angel broking, share khan.

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    Thanks for sharing your views. I have one more question. Is there any paid subscription for opening this demat account or is it free?
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    Online trading portals facilitate the trading of various financial instruments such as equities, mutual funds, and commodities.

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