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    Default How about BlueHost independent IP

      How about BlueHost independent IP?
      BlueHost is a kind of shared hosting with stable performance and fast speed, especially suitable for foreign trade site building. It has independent IP, which can keep users from being affected when attacks happened, and reduces the probability of IP being blocked. So, how about BlueHost independent IP, please look at the following introduction.
      The advantages of BlueHost independent IP :
      1, Avoid any involvement in attacks: when the shared hosting under the same server suffered from attacks, the shared hosting that has independent IP shared hosting will not be affected, and will not result in breakdown 。
      2, When an IP corresponds to a website, the search engine will think highly of this site, you’ll get a better page rank, and your website will get indexed by the search engines; while shared IP don’t have these advantages.
      3, Resolution and binding of extensive domain name: you can bind the extensive domain name on Windows shared hosting when use independent IP , and the user can also resolve the domain name to an independent IP, you can access even without binding.
      4, Help the encryption of https : for some e-commerce sites or some other sites that need to encrypt https, they will realize it through independent IP.
      5, Low price of independent IP shared hosting: independent IP shared hosting not only has the same advantages as common hosts ,but also has the low price 。 BlueHost‘s Plan C provides independent IP for free.
      6, Users who use shared IP to build sites can only access the site through the domain name, can not access by IP address. As for the site built with independent IP, can be accessed directly through IP.
      Above are the introductions about BlueHost independent IP. In short, it is important to use independent IP to build foreign trade sites,in order to better serve our customers, and BlueHost’s independent IP is still very cheap.

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    It was an amazing info.

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    well explained

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