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    Thanks to the stable macroeconomic near many years, the confidence of investors in the country as well as abroad have increased markedly. The stock market in 2015 is also expected to be more active and must be considered noteworthy share trading channels. Because there is always a high level of profitability in recent years, the relaxation room for foreign investors more open, plus the savings interest rate lower than many people expected that this market will welcome more new capital from flowing into the credit system. Survey results also showed that expectations are based on. 63% of those surveyed said the bank has deposits, decreased by 4% compared to earlier and equivalent to the same period of 2013. Meanwhile, the channels as forecasted foreign currency fluctuations did not much matter have some increased pressure compared to 2014 as the appreciation of the dollar, the trade deficit increased pressure. Recently, the bank said it was able to intervene in foreign exchange reserves thanks to a significant increase in 2014. As the gold market contain too many risks as related to national policies and if volatility is will have the intervention of the right holder. This channel is no longer so attractive. Thus, the attractive stocks are becoming clearer thanks to the recovery increasingly significant economic and macro-economic stability has always been maintained for 3 years. Dublin, Ireland

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    This is wonderful and I loved it.

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    This is very informative. I loved reading this post. It includes great information.

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    what do you think is current market scenario

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