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    Default What the Differences between the Dedicated IP Hosting and the Shared IP Hosting

      What the Differences between the Dedicated IP Hosting and the Shared IP Hosting?
      Referring to the limitation of the shared IP hosting, many website owners may remember the effects they suffer once other websites with the same IP address on the same server are compromised or use bad SEO strategies. But now, the dedicated IP hosting makes every single site owns an independent IP address and will receive no effect from other users on the same server, which ensure the relatively higher defense level and security.
      The Differences between the Dedicated IP Hosting and the Shared IP Hosting
      The shared IP hosting means that the websites on the same server utilize only one IP. So, if other websites are unluckily compromised by law breakers, or some sites store the illegal information on this server which is discovered by the network supervisor, the IP address will be blocked out and all websites on the same server will be affected either. Also, if some sites have some dishonest operations, violate inclusion rules of search engines, or display the illegal information, maybe search engines will lower the ranking of the website and even the whole server.
      However, the IP address of the dedicated IP hosting comprises four different figure strings whose value is between 0-255. In addition, each site has its corresponding IP address on the Internet, so you can utilize PING to detect the IP address. In general, the dedicated IP hosting means that one IP only belongs to one single hosting.
      The Advantages of the Dedicated IP Hosting:
      1. The dedicated IP hosting is benefit to the website search engine. Compare with the shared one, you may not be affected by other websites with the same IP address, once some of them use bad SEO strategies which will annoy search engines.
      2. The dedicated IP hosting is easy to manage and control. Unlike the shared hosting plan, if one website is under attack and the IP address of the server is blocked out, this plan will totally keep you safe.
      3. The dedicated hosting plan is conducive to the deployment of the site security and certificates, ensuring some website programs or software the IP authorization etc.
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    thanks for sharing difference between these two

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    I prefer dedicated IPs addresses, cause it has value.

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    definitely, my company uses dedicated ips

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    Every name that is a home to a website that has an IP address assigned to it.

    Shared IP:- A shared IP is an IP address that is used for multiple sites. A shared IP can host most of the website on a web server.

    Dedicated IP:- A dedicate IP is an IP address that is assigned to one site. Large website or e-commerce site often use a dedicated IP addres to have full control over the reputation of their IP.

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    The “IP” part of IP address stands for Internet Protocol. “The “address” part refers to a unique set of numbers that routes internet traffic to the right place. It’s often related to a zip code or a postal code because different people can share the same IP address. Having an IP address allows a device to communicate with other devices over an IP-based network like the Internet. It is assigned to a website to map its address on the Internet.

    In web hosting environments, you’re often given a choice between a shared IP address and a dedicated IP address. In shared environments, you may share your IP address with numerous other sites. Conversely, a dedicated IP address means that your domain is provided a unique address, which is not used by another domain or shared with anyone. You can have different sites that serve from that address, but it belongs to you, and you’re in complete control.

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    It's good for SEO if only one website is hosted per IP. That rules out your chances of using a shared hosting and certain VPS providers.

    Some VPS providers offer a single IP per VPS on extra payment. That will be useful if you are going to promote your website/app based on a single IP address.

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