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    Long tail keywords, in the context of advertising and SEO, are detailed keyword phrases that a potential customer might use to search online when ready to purchase.
    In other words, Long tail keyword allows to narrow down and target the right audience who might be interested in your product/services.

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    A long-tail watchword is a catchphrase expression that contains no less than three words (however some state at least two is viewed as long-tail). Long-tail watchwords are utilized to target specialty socioeconomics as opposed to mass crowds. At the end of the day, they're more explicit and regularly less aggressive than nonexclusive watchword terms.

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    Long tail keywords are 4 or more word phrases which target very specific product or services like "best flower shop in New York".

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    The term "long tail keyword" refers to phrases made up of three or more words that are more specific than the traditional keywords that marketers used to target.

    For example, if you're blogging about furniture, "bed" would be a very general keyword. n fact, it's so general that it's not worth targeting. An example of a long tail keyword for this would be "character toddler bed." Note how specific this long tail keyword is and how targeted your audience is (i.e., parents of toddlers or soon-to-be toddlers who want a special bed for their toddlers and are likely to be willing to spend slightly more than usual for it).

    Long tail keywords are preferable to use than traditional keywords because the more specific you get, the less competition you'll encounter. Thus, it's easier for your website to rank higher in search result pages for these keywords.

    At the same time, you get to attract users who are actually searching for these long tail keywords and are thus more likely to be interested in your content. These are the users you want to be promoting or selling something to because they're more likely to convert to actual customers.

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    The long tail keyword is keyword that is contain three or more than three words.
    like how much does a gallon water weigh?
    how much does a gallon of milk weigh?

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    Which keyword has four-word phrases or more that is called long-tail-keyword .

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    In SEO, we distinguish between head keywords and long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is more specific than a head keyword, and most of the times – but not necessarily – it consists of more words. The head keyword is a general term lots of people write about. A long tail keyword is a more specific topic or a subtopic of the head term. Usually, less people create content about this topic.

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