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    Does .net works on linux server?


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    .net is a one type of computer programming language,it is less efficient and easy to understand.

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    According to my knowledge you need a window server to run .net smoothly.

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    .NET is an open source programming development platform for multiple programming languages. Which we use to develop Web applications, Mobile applications, Stand alone desktop application, Games and etc.

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    .NET platform have to use a server environment that doesn't have what Linux does, works hand-and-hand with a wide range of developers and companies as they build large online software applications.
    For Watters, Microsoft has ample ground to make up. But in opening
    sourcing what's called the .NET Core run time—freely sharing it with the world at large—the company at least gives itself a fighting chance as it seeks to maintain a hold on the way the world builds and runs software.

    An open source .NET that runs on Linux and Mac OS will expand the use of Microsoft's developer tools. Then the company can pull in revenue through other channels—through premium versions of its developer tools and through its cloud computing service.

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    .net is a one type of computer programming language,it is less efficient and easy to understand.

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    NET only runs on Windows—though an independent project called Mono has built an open source mimic of .NET that runs on other operating systems, including everything from Linux server OSes to smartphones OSes such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

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    Full fledged .net framework will now work on Linux, however you can use mono which is a kind of mimic of .Net developed by open source community.

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    Running .NET applications on Linux is not difficult. You can use Visual Studio on your Windows PC to build your .NET console application and compile it into an .exe file then Copy the .exe file to the Linux server and run it with the command:

    mono ConsoleApplication1.exe

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