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    Default Is Developing a Website on WordPress Is Easy ?

    Hi, I am hina eni and learning web development.I am learning PHP programming but its quite difficult.One of my friends told me that website development is easy on WordPress.and there is a massive demand for WordPress website as its lightweight and SEO friendly.Is it true? If its true then I wanted to learn and become a WordPress developer.Please reply

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    yes, by using WordPress easy to develop a website. first, you go to a WordPress site and register and then choose a site to edit it.

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    Yes, it’s easy to develop a website on WordPress. But I would like to suggest you one more most natural way to build your business website, and that is Website Clone Scripts. It is a readymade script enables you to launch your online business quickly.If you are thinking to start your online marketplace, then it’s an ultimate solution for you.

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    Yes, Wordpress is the best for the developing a website. In Wordpress, you can easily get templets and make your website with less code compare to PHP Programming.

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    Yes, WordPress is better for SEO.

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    Yes. It`s easy to make a website in Wordpress but also use a specific runnable plugin is also most important.

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    If you are finding coding difficult and still want to try your luck with web design business, WordPress is for you. I know a lot of developer friends who are not happy with WordPress because someone without coding knowledge too could build an excellent website using WordPress.

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    Yes Wordpress is the easiest CMS platform to create websites and you don't have to be very tech savvy for creating a site in Wordpress. 5% coding knowledge is more than sufficient.

    Wordpress is the most dominant platform for creating websites today

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    I have read WordPress code, and I believe that in long term, you'll be better off building this kind of site on a general-purpose web development engine, or possibly a suitable CMS engine.

    If you're just prototyping, use whatever feels most comfortable. WP will do fine for an early mock-up.

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