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    Default Do you prefer Alexa rank for SEO?

    Do you prefer Alexa rank for SEO? Well I don't. I prefer DA and PA more than Alexa rank. What about you?

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    I also preferred only Domain Authority and Page Authority more than Alexa Rank.

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    Alexa measures the traffic on your website and provide a numerical value to rank your domain in search engines. Alexa rank can be improved by good content update and also by building backlinks from other relevant sources.
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    I consider Alexa rank only to measure the popularity of a website. I don't get obsessed with Alexa rank although it is one of the most important metric which tells how well or how bad your website is performing.

    If your Alexa rank is improving it is certainly an implication that you are on the right track. But I don't do my SEO activities focusing solely on the Alexa Rank

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