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    Default How to Setup Router?

    If you know How to Setup Router Then Please Tell Me.
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    Default routers

    Quote Originally Posted by lizapendray View Post
    If you know How to Setup Router Then Please Tell Me.
    Lloose or weak connection:- If you have connected your computer via LAN cable then check if it is properly inserted in both sides port. In the case of a wireless network, check if the router is kept at a location where it is receiving proper signals. You won’t be able to get an internet connection until the router receives signals without any disruption.

    If you are using a TP-link router as an extender or repeater then chances are high that DHCP is causing an IP conflict. In such a case, you need to update router’s firmware or you can try DHCP settings from the router login page. Doing this can fix the limited connectivity issue.

    No connectivity:- If you are using your router as a repeater to extend the internet connectivity or for connecting multiple devices, then you must use the same password as of your modem or access point. Using different passwords can result in no connectivity issue.

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