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    Default How to Setup Router?

    If you know How to Setup Router Then Please Tell Me.
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    Step 1: Place your wireless router - As any router manufacturer will tell you, the best place to locate your wireless router is in an open area in the center of your home. It’s great advice, because it will provide the most even coverage. It’s also impossible for most people to do, because you need to connect your router to the broadband gateway your Internet service provider (ISP) has provided you with.

    Step 2: Configure your wireless router gateway - Most ISPs provide their customers with modems—aka gateways—that have routers built in. Unfortunately, these integrated modem/routers are usually of much poorer quality than stand-alone routers, and none that I know of allow you to build out mesh networks that have multiple wireless access points (or APs) that enable you to blanket your home with Wi-Fi

    Step 3: Connect your gateway to your new router -
    Step 4: Change your wireless router’s admin password

    Step 5: Update the router’s firmware
    Step 6: Establish a password for your Wi-Fi network

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