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    Default Please review my site built using Wordpress


    I have built my site using Wordpress but I am pushing it close to the limit, the site has 4million pages of which around 1 million are live so far. I've tried to increase the number of listings but the database has ground to a halt so at present, I am working on ways to improve existing performance and so on.

    Site can be found here

    I'm looking for input on how I can improve it.

    Is the design appealing?
    Do you find the speed acceptable or is it an issue (I had problems recently which are semi fixed)?
    Are the ads excessive or OK?

    Thanks for you input.

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    1. The site looks professional.
    2. Speed is acceptable but you can tinker and speed it up more. I see that you are using varnish. Experiment with combining css and js. Optimizing your images (webp) and a server side page caching in front of varnish.

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