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    Find out what is the best source of long tail keywords. See the definition of long and short tail keywords. Learn how to use keywords for SEO and PPC.

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    SEMRUSH: This is the tool that use as a complete SEO suite. SEMRUSH is the first finest SEO tool that was ever built to find keywords that your competitors are ranking for. Unlike traditional keyword research, SEMRUSH takes away the guess work & help you quickly find long tail keyword from any website.

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    Long tail keywords are usually keyword phrases that have relatively less number of searches. These keywords are often used to rank your website faster in search engines.
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    Google Keyword Planner can be used and if you want to go through a tool-less way then go with LSI suggestions

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    Long tail keywords are used when the website wants to refine search terms to the web page, as well as when the searcher is looking for something rather specific.long tail keywords is relatively long, often is 2-3 word composition, even is the phrase, exist in the content page, in addition to the title of the page content, but also exists in the content.

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