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    Both are very easy and good platform for e-commerce site but i will recommended you word press

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    Wordpress and Joomla are content management Systems but Joomla basically used to create one page or informative websites, and Wordpress used to make a website with dynamic information.

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    Explain the Difference Between Joomla and Wordpress?

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    In WordPress, you can install plugins and templates. The plugins, however, are fairly often risky there are not many standards, so conflicts can arise easily.
    In Joomla, you can install plugins, templates, and a great deal more. Everything is standardised, so someone has to screw up to cause a conflict.

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    Excellent question and good answer . thank for sharing Joomla and Wordpress

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    WordPress is easy to use platform that is perfect for small businesses or for making blogs. Joomla is an ecommerce platform that is popular for medium to large businesses. Joomla is more scalable, flexible, and robust platform as compared to WordPress.
    However, Joomla is quite expensive, and most of the startup companies look out for other alternative ecommerce platforms for their online business.

    "Hostmyweb" provides both Joomla and wordpress at affordable price one can go for.

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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