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    thailand or brazil which one is the best tourist places?

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    Personally I don't find Bangkok that exhausting if one just does careful planning. I can't even imagine going all the way to Thailand and not spending any significant time in Bangkok. It's so culturally wonderful.

    You could do as some do in this forum and get a private driver to drive you around Bangkok although it's easy enough to do on your own using the very quick skytrain system,taxis, and river boat.

    I don't see Bangkok as touring in the way that I see Europe as touring. I've been to Europe over 30 times and I see people getting on and off buses and staying two days here and two days there and running around on robotic schedules. It's different in Thailand and Southeast Asia in general. Things move slower and you can always pop into one of the many spas and chill out during the middle of the day. The place can be extremely relaxing if you plan it right. Plus, there's such excellent service that you don't have to do a lot of things yourself. There are folks to do things for you... and at very attainable prices...unlike in Europe where only the well-to-do can afford to have certain services done for them. You definitely DON'T have to go to only beach areas in Thailand in order to chill out. Happy Travels!

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