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    Cool Why am I seeing a MySQL error on my Wordpress page?

    You happen to check your page one day and you see an error on your Wordpress site that says the following:

    "Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress"

    There is 1 thing to check before searching all over the internet for a solution.

    1. Contact your hosting provider and ask what the version is for the operating system of the server your account is on.

    Why is this the only thing you need to check? I will tell you.

    If the Shared Server your account is on has an operating system of 7 or higher, there is a code in your .htaccess file that is no longer needed and causes the error listed above.

    "How do I fix this?"

    One solution (and the most common solution) is to log into your file system (through cPanel, FTP, etc.) and look for a file called ".htaccess." The most common place for this file is in your public_html directory. In your .htaccess file, you want to look for this line of code:

    suPHP_ConfigPath /home/[USERNAME]/public_html

    You want to remove this code from the .htaccess file and then save it. Keep in mind there could be mutliple .htaccess files and multiple suPHP codes in those files; make sure to look for them all. Once the code is removed, the website should be showing again.

    "Why can I not see my .htaccess file?"

    Most file systems actually hide your dot files from you. There is a setting you should be able to turn on that allows you to see them.

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    Why this error shown in wordpress

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    I don't know properly about this but you can check on stackflow

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    Are you giving solution to a question or looking for others help?

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