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    google keyword planner,Google analytics,google webmaster

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    Google tools like Analytics, webmaster tools, keyword planner are the basic tool apart from that Mozbar,SEOWorkers Analysis Tool,woorank

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    Some of the basic Tools required for doing SEO are given below

    1. Google Analytics - For monitoring Website Stats and traffic

    2. Google Webmaster Tools - It is the main tool used in SEO to set country settings, submitting sitemaps, monitoring the search analytics, finding the crawl errors, HTML suggestions, keywords, impressions, Clicks, CTR, listing position etc.

    3. Google Keyword Planner - For KEyword Research and Analysis

    4. SEMRUSH - For Better Keyword Research and Analysis based on CPC or Keyword Volume

    5. Moz for checking DO follow, No follow, PA, DA

    6. Alexa

    7. Searchenginegenie for Backlinks Analysis

    8. Woorank for Site Audit

    9. Serplab - keyword position checking

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    Google Insights is very good for on-page SEO

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    Google Webmaster
    Google Keyword Planner
    Google analytic
    Google adward
    Small SEO tools

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    There are top 3 tools used for SEO

    1. Keyword Research Tool (Sktool)
    2. Google Analytics Tool
    3. Google Webmaster Tool

    I have not used any other tool for SEO yet but all of the above tools I mentioned are provided by Google and are free to use.

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    Some of the basic tools required for doing SEO have been mentioned below

    1. Google Analytics

    2. Google Webmaster TOols or Google Search Console

    3. SEOSitecheckup

    4. Ahrefs for Backlink Analysis

    5. SEMRUSH and GOogle Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

    6. WebCEO for Site Audit

    7. Hotjar for Heatmap Analysis

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    Here are few best tools,
    1.Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tools
    2.Google keyword planner
    3.Open site explorer
    4.Google trends
    5.Quicksprout Website Analyzer
    6.SERPs rank checker
    7.Robots.txt generator

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    Google Analytics, Google webmaster tool, keyword planner, Semursh, Alexa,etc.. are required tool for doing SEO.

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    Few Tools are required:

    1 Search console
    2 Analytic
    3 SEO Quake

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