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    Hi all,

    Hope all doing well. Have a great day.

    Guys I have a my website on counselling services and related to psychotherapy. But keywords are not in ranking last 2 months. Please suggest me what to do for keyword ranking. Suggest me. Thanks in advance.

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    During initial days, Google does not prefer your website, no matter what you do. It is just normal. Keep doing the right things as long as you can. The site will pick pace.

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    Keyword ranking can be achieved by good on page and off page techniques. Building good content and backlinks for your website will help to rank keywords higher in search engines.
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    Keyword ranking is achieved by 2 ways
    1. on page SEO
    2. off page SEO

    how online presence and maintain customer engagement by using social media networks

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    SEO usually takes three to six months to show better results. However keep implementing White Hat SEO techniques.

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    Create quality backlinks, follow all the right steps of SEO to rank your website higher on search engines.

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    If your website is just now published, Google will not give that site more important. In initial stage how you do On-Page Submission and Off-Page submission it will help your website rank high in future.

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