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    Quote Originally Posted by c4cyber View Post
    I guess, everyone here is agreed with 'Responsiveness' of website.
    What is the question, what is your answer?
    Is there any relationship between both?

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    In my view the ideal landing page specialist has the skills to:

    1 Create just the type of design you're looking for (which means you’ll want to review their portfolio of landing pages)
    2 Understand conversion rates and how to optimize them (it’s nice to be able to create a beautiful landing page, but it’s better to create one that converts bigtime)
    3 Write copy (because the right words can affect conversion even more than style or design)
    4 Build a live page quickly (using a drag-and-drop platform often helps)
    5 Work the technical side (such as integrating other software, coding, connecting custom URLs, and doing A/B testing)

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