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    Arrow Photoshop

    Which website is better to learn photoshop on online?

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    Try YouTube. That is much better than doing a course. You can give yourselves challenges and then try to look for videos to do it. Just take an image from Facebook and recreate it.

    If you want a reference material, it is either YouTube, or an ebook.

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    Thanks a lot mate

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    1. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
    2. Phlearn
    3. Udemy
    4. GCF
    5. Design Stacks
    6. PluralSight

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    Preferably go and watch youtube videos regarding photoshop for better understanding.

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    Try to see different video tutorials on Youtube about Photoshop.
    You will get their lots of tutorials and I hope this must helps you.

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    Youtube is great open source to learn

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    I attended paid online courses to learn photoshop... I did not get anything more from that courses as I could have got from Youtube. So save your money and use Youtube. Anyway, Photoshop is more about learning by yourself and trying new things... So it takes time. And there is no other easier and faster way to learn it

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    Adobe TV - lots of free video tutorials for all levels.
    phlearn - many free tutorials, as well as premium
    photoshopcafe - free tutorials, forums and more
    photography.tutsplus - thousands of free tutorials
    planetphotoshop - detailed tutorials, effects how-tos, videos, all free.

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