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    Default Trending Web Design ideas 2018

    Not just code but also trends are changing in 2018 web design, it has been evolving continuously over the past few decades. Web design style guide (in terms of web page appearance, ease if use in mobile and tablet devices, kind of themes, widgets, add-ons usage) and pattern libraries like boxed, full width are also revolutionized.

    Now let's see to tends in web design in 2018, which are continuously evolving and attracting web design lovers:

    - Component-based design systems: Focusing on each web component separately, like the menu can be created in many ways. Image carousel can have lot of enhancements.

    - Modern retro designs: Retro or nostalgic lovers designing old age retro banners with Rich heritage look.

    - Polygonal shapes and geometric layers: Earlier image backgrounds are either square or circle but now designs with polygonal, diamond shape and more customized shapes

    - Complex desktop interactions + simple mobile interactions: Responsive Web design made it mobile friendly website

    - Simple homepages: In terms of user friendly and user experience

    - Tactile design: Even row angles you can change full 360 degree

    Trend is all about how can you adapt it as per your customer requirement, present market look and feel, and how better than competitors design, all these does matters.

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    JS and related techniques are taking an upper hands. There is also a trend for use of improved animations and SVGs. All thanks to powerful internet connections and high resolution displays like Retina display.

    There is still scope for full page scrolling and flatter design. Even the icons are gone minimalistic through Font Awesome, Material icons etc

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    Whatever pattern you follow to create websites, I always prefer those websites who have good font style and size. Font style and size is the most important part of the website because it makes easy for users to read the content you shared. If the user is old and wears contact glasses then for such users font size really matter

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    Mobile browsing has now officially surpassed desktop. Almost everyone these days shops and orders on their smartphone. In the past, this was a clunky process that users were not as quick to adopt. Designers puzzled: how do we get a decent menu, submenu and subsubmenu on a small screen?

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    good info..

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    I dont' think tactile design is really trending anymore. Yes, it is in the environment but not too necessary for larger part of business community.

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