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    Default What is the importance of Bandwidth in web hosting?

    Bandwidth is a most common and key factor while selecting a web hosting because of its importance. Bandwidth is considered as a benchmark to judge the quality of server of a hostig provider, if you select wisely then you are an intelligent customer. The enterprise-level servers are manufactured for delivering optimized performance in all the situations without much down time. High bandwidth assures better performance without fluctuations even when website traffic is exceeds than it's limit. Hosting provider should increase it in case if your audience are poured onto website in any particular occasion. Bandwidth and storage both are key points in web hosting.

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    Bandwidth in web terminology refers to the amount of data that can be accessed or uploaded to the web server.

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    Thanks for this important information.

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    Bandwidth indicates amount of data consumption means it comes under data transfer but actually it's work is to supply the necessary data to users from an existing data or server space. Here data stays at memory level and can be accessible by any user but they can not remove it.

    Bandwidth is the measure of maximum data that can be transferred in a given time, usually measured in seconds. Data transfer, on the other hand, is the amount of data to be transferred; while bandwidth is the rate of the data transfer. You can imagine bandwidth as the width of a water pipe where data transfer is the amount of water flowing out from the pipe. How wide is the pipe width (bandwidth) determines how fast can water (data) flows. Fundamentally, data transfer is the consumption of bandwidth.

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