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    Google Penalty is basically an action taken by Google to penalize your website for indulging in Black Hat SEo techniques like Spamming, Link Farming, etc. Your site rankings and traffic gets affected due to Google Penalty

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    Your Search Phrases should be emphasized in a natural way for both the visitor and the search engine spider. Do not "Keyword Stuff" your web page, by repeating the search phrase over and over again in your webpage. These will often result in a Search Engine "Penalty" and move your sites ranking Lower in the results.

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    A GooglePenalty is those negative effect around a website's quest rankings In view of updates to Google's hunt calculations or manual Audit.

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    Google penalty is nothing but black listing your website for spamming, using black hat technique etc.

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    A Google Penalty is a negative effect inflicted on a website's ranking based on updates made to Google's search algorithms. Penalties can be the result of an algorithm update or suspicion of black-hat SEO tactics such as suspicious links or keyword-stuffing.

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