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    Default Maximum Back links Per day ?

    How many back links can I create per day(Maximum)? Need suggestions from you.

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    It is not the number you should worry about. There is something called Link velocity. If you are getting 10 backlinks per day and suddenly it become 200 per day, Google will get suspicious. So be careful how you buy backlinks.

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    Backlink quantity is not important for SEO. In SEO, the Backlink quality is more important than quantity. So Do dofllow backlinks submission to improve Website traffic and Keywords ranking in SERP.

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    You can create as many as you can. But it should not be automated.

    Quote Originally Posted by sam657 View Post
    How many back links can I create per day(Maximum)? Need suggestions from you.

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    Max. 4-5 quality SEO backlinks are good to achieve a better search engine position.

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    right guys backlink is not a big deal you have to try quality backlinks because quality backlinks improve your ranking.

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    First look at your competition. Second, there is no "best practice" for "daily backlinks". Link profile should looks natural. That means that you should build your links consistently.

    Dont't focus on number of links, focus on quality on backlinks. It is ok to get few links from social profiles but of you want to make progress then consider to do guest posting.

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    Don't run behind the number of backlinks, run behind the quality of backlinks, Simple.

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