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    Default Site is not Cache in Google

    Hello Friends
    My website USAC is not showing in Cache after checking in Google search.
    My coding is not visible on source code.
    Only blank page is showing when you check cache
    What should I Do?

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    I have recently made some changes to the words used in my website navigation, just to make things shorter and snappier. I understand that changing such things can cause some shake-ups on Google, especially if you remove/add a keyword associated with your website. In this case I removed two instances of a related keyword from the navigation.

    I have noticed that if I search for my website using my main keyword, which is also the website name (it's an EMD) my website sometimes disappears from the search results entirely. Other times it appears, lower down than it did before. If it does appear then strangely it seems there is no cache for the page (my home page). If you search for the website without a space or get to it by other means in search then there is a cached copy. What's going on here?

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    The reason why your site is not cached in Google is the “NoArchive” directive that you found in the settings. Turning that off effectively removes the “noarchive” directive from your pages. Google and other search engines will now cache your pages.

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