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    Default Uses of VPS Hosting??

    Anyone Ans me,,

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    Advantages Of VPS Hosting :

    Complete Isolation: The VPS packages and there applications will remain unaffected disregarding of what another users do on his server

    Root Access: This allows the customer to install any other application of their choice

    Guaranteed Resources: The allocated CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth in your package will always be available for your applications.

    Multiple Choice of OS: You have the options of choosing either a Windows or Linux VPS hosting. But before choosing a VPS hosting provider, it is advisable to learn which type of VPS environment you will need to run your applications: Windows or Linux.

    24/7 Technical Support and Service Monitoring: Your VPS hosting package comes with a 27/4 technical support and service monitoring 365 days a year. You will also be provided with a money back guarantee depending on your chosen hosting provider.

    This comes as a standard - a reliable provider should meet your organization's needs through customer service.

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    Uses of VPS Hosting are given below:
    1. Run an e-commerce solution on a VPS server with Magento.
    2. You run an information website where you can expect spikes in traffic.
    3. You can use a VPS as a game server, such as mine craft.

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    There are different kind of VPS solutions which are designed for various needs. For example if you need offshore VPS you can go for, if you are looking for SSD based VPS - you can go for etc.
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    While website hosting is probably the most common use for a VPS, there are plenty of other ways this cloud technology can be put to work. Here are a few of them:


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