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  1. Default Hello Friends Please review Our Website

    Hello friends Please review our corporate website.

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    It looks tidy! I personally like the site theme and structure!

    But just to give a feedback regarding increasing online traffic, why not create a blog section and regularly publish new contents that Google loves to rank high. That's also a way of engaging your site visitors deeper and interacting with them.

    Anything else than that, nothing I found was bad.

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    Make your website more attractive from user point of view. Apply CSS effects on your website.

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    Loved it. I think this internal linking will make very good customer experience.
    Great job!

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    For Cooperative field its good but load time of website is not good also optimize the slider images its impacting on load time and buy secured https certificate because its the most important thing now a days.

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    If you need SEO service for your website let us know. I am going to rank your website few keywords in Google Top and also increase your website Traffic DA and PA. In the past, I complete more than 35+ project.


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