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    Default Checking Backlinks....

    How to check the number of backlinks received for a particular website??

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    Use Google web master for checking backlinks .

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    Backlinks can be checked using various online tools like:

    - Ahrefs
    - Backlinkwatch
    - SEMrush
    - Opensiteexplorer
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    There are so many online tools available to check your back link you can use any of them.

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    There are lot free backlinks checker tools are available in Search Engine. It will help you to point out the backlinks. Google Webmaster is the best tool to analyse the Backlinks information.

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    Google search console(google webmaster's tool) is a great tool you can use for free.

    But it as a free one is too simplicated in terms of backlink analizing, hard to figure out what sites are dofollow or no, what's their citation flow, trust flow, and DA, PA things by google webmasters tool.

    All that detailed metrics are the things that crucially has to know for proper link building and improving SEO.

    ahref or backlinkmonitor are 2 good tools for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidweb09 View Post
    Backlinkwatch is the best SEO tools to check your website backlinks quickly.
    very inaccurate. (sorry if I was too straight!! )

    It actually needs a paid backlink tool to analyze backlink and build SEO "properly" while almost all "free backlink tools" are junkies (I'm pretty sure for this..)

    If I have to choose the best one from "Free backlink tools", I would say it would be "Google webmaster's tool". But it's still too simplified to analyze proper backlink seo stats accurately.

    DA, PA, CF, TF are 4 major things to know about the link(backlink) linked to your site in order to build PROPER SEO and link profile on google. All free backlink checking tools as well as Google webmaster's tool do never provide all that details. So you have no idea which link is good for your site, which link is harming your site without data, except your gut feeling.

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    You can find it in GWT.
    Quote Originally Posted by samantharodriguez View Post
    How to check the number of backlinks received for a particular website??

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