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    A spider is a program that visits Web sites and reads their pages and other information in order to create entries for a search engine index. The major search engines on the Web all have such a program, which is also known as a "crawler" or a "bot."

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    Search engines perform several activities in order to deliver search results.
    Firstly The data is fetched from the website by systematically browsing. Further, it is analyzed and the information gathered from the website is collected as a database. This procedure is called crawling and is carried by a Web robot (bot) which is called a Web Crawler or a Spider.
    After collection of the fetched data, an Index is created where all the data is kept as a database. This data can be retrieved when needed. The Web pages are assigned particular keywords in the Google search.

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    Spider is the software used by Google to fetch and render web documents collectively. They crawl each web page and its contents and store them in the Google index under the relevant keywords of the website. Spiders are also known as Google bots and Crawlers.
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    OP is asking about Spiders(crawlers) in SEO, not about the insect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simi123 View Post
    Spiders are 8-legged animals with a two part body (cephalothorax and abdomen), biting chelicerae, each with a long fang, and silk glands (from which the web is made) that open through spinnerets at the end of the body. They have 4 pairs of legs and an extra pair of short appendages (pedipalps) beside the chelicerae.
    Spiders breathe with lungs under their body. They feed by turning their prey into liquid and filtering out the bigger chunks with a beard in front of their mouth. The male transfers sperm to the female by a modified structure on his pedipalps. Most cannot see well but "feel" and smell through special hairs on their feet.
    As well as having 8 legs, most spiders have eight eyes. The Segmented spiders (Mesothelae, family Liphistiidae) of Asia have the original number of eight spinnerets. Most spiders, however, have only 6 spinnerets, some have only 4 or 2.

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