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    What are Do-Follow Links? How is it beneficial in digital marketing?

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    When Google bots are crawling a website they look for external links point to other websites. If this links is “do follow” then search engines will follows the link and so link juice gets passed.

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    Dofollow links are helpful in SEO. Not only dofollow ones but Nofollow ones are also useful.
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    What are Do-Follow Links? How is it beneficial in digital marketing?

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    Dofollow links are considered good for Digital marketing especially SEO as it helps in indexing the links.

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    Dofollow is a link attribute that instructs search engine robots to crawl the website link and index it in search engines. They links help to build backlinks for your website for search engine ranking, and also helps to drive good traffic to your website.
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    Do-follow Links are indexable by search engines and help to push up the website ranking in Google.

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    Dofollow links are the ones which pass on the link juice to your site and this is enough to know why they are important for SEO.

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    Also known as follow links or regular old HTML links, are links that allow search engines to follow them from one web page to another or one website to another.
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