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    Default Please Help!! Any Webmasters!! a Question About Direct Advertising Marketplaces

    Hi all!!

    Today I just paid a visit to here to ask my longing-to-solve question about placement of advertisement platforms on my blog!

    I currently use Google adsense and just since recent, looking to find a direct advertising marketplace, compatible with the currently running platform, Google adsense!

    In short, 2 ad platforms to run at the same time: Google adsense and one more ad from direct ad selling places like the well known "" or anything great in the same criteria!
    So my questions are briefly 2!

    1. or other direct ads can be put on my blog just with google adsense at the same time?
    (I will of course put them separately/distinguishably so there's no confusion with ads between the two different platforms)

    2. Is there any direct ad selling places other than that allow a blog with low traffic less than/about 6,000 monthly page view?

    I will love you so much for your kickass answer!!!!!

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    Don't bother with low traffic websites, first make high traffic one, then think about ads.

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