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    Choosing from shared, vps or dedicated is up to the nature of your blog and the traffic you have. Shared hosting is often slow and less secured as its resources are shared among many websites. VPS is a better option but is a bit expensive solution. Consider moving too Cloud hosting which can offer Free SSL and multiple cloud hosting providers with pay-as-you-go billing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by viniproject09 View Post
    I recommend to purchase one that has some good reviews. You can look at some providers in offers.
    comments or good
    comments or good

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    It all depends on the need or requirements and your budget and that fulfills your need that is good, no matter it is VPS or shared but VPS hosting is secure.

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    Best for a blog site with awesome content is a shared hosting with a CDN. You can move to a cloud hosting when you have good number of visitors. But I personally believe you always have to be pro active to post good content to utilize resources at best level.

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    If you are designing blog website, you must use web hosting feature to establish and grow your website. Online web marketing will be helpful to you. Also online methods of website elaborating will help you more to establish your website. Popups and selling ads will also help you to increase members or users of your website.

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    i'm looking for new web hosting for imgsrc can any one help me

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    Godaddy is the best

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