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    Default How To Speed Up WordPress Website

    WordPress users generally face situation where there website or E commerce store start getting slow which eventually affect their website sales. Industry folks recommend some common tips to speed up WordPress website which has proven to provide best results in most of the cases. Here are some simple tricks which can help you achieve decent page loading speed:

    1. Install a specialized caching plugin
    2. Select Cloud Hosting
    3. Content Delivery Network
    4. Look for Inactive Plugins or for Plugins that Don’t Work Properly
    5. Compress Media Files
    6. Compress Your Website’s Size
    7. Check if the Website and the Database are in the Same Data Center
    8. Optimize Your Website’s Homepage
    9. Update Update Update
    10. Disable Hotlinking
    11. Minify JavaScript and CSS Files
    12. Use Light Weight Theme
    13. Control Post Revisions

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    Thank you, that's really helpful.

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    I will like to suggest you to work on your website JS & images weight whether it is Banner images, product images. Optimize them and reduce the size of every image. I think you will get best solution from this way.

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    By minimize the size of CSS and JS file you can easily speed up the load time of the WordPress Website.

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