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    Default Buy and sell different databases

    Hello, dear forum users. Now I'm selling and giving for call on the CPA model or for % of the deposit the following databases:

    1) The CRA project bases related to earnings in the network, investments and forex. Here is the base from the CIS countries (RF 90%), is constantly updated and brings profit to customers

    2)The enclosures of the high-level project, which is still running. There are countries from all over the world (about 100 countries!), There are English-language bases, many from RF. Perfectly pay off!

    3)Bases that are obtained after access to the CPM (RF and foreign) - including banking bases and investment fund bases.

    4)Hot clients on the topic of investment, ready for calls. This base has a high demand,but it is not always available.

    5)Banks on currencies from exchanges-about 15 million emails (with a couple of hundred thousand mail, yandex, rambler domains) -can give them in processing for% of income after mailings + there are phone bases

    Also, I sell various bases for telephone marketing (cold phone calls) and for mailing lists-on the subject of news, online stores, entrepreneurs, etc.

    ATTENTION-If you know anyone who buys or sells the bases, and after your recommendation is a deal, I will pay you a% of the transaction amount for your help! This proposal applies to those who are employees of a firm that buys a base

    Please note that few people on the market offer such conditions:

    a) There is a warranty of quality and compliance of the probe to the database-in case you are not satisfied with the database and provided a full report, we agree with you on what percentage of the base I will give you as compensation

    b) On all bases I give a guarantee that all invalid contacts will be replaced by equivalent!

    c) I give a free trial for the test!

    d) Some databases can be given in advance (for% of the depot or for the CPA model)

    There are recommendations and feedback from past clients, I have been working for 4 years in this topic, high BL Webmoney

    In addition, I am looking for permanent cooperation of people who sell or can get in any way the base of financial topics- currency, forex, binary options, poker, casinos, banks, HYIPs, investment projects. Also, you need the database of information subjects, BADs and others. For those who work in this area for a long time and pulls out the database itself. For those programmers who can pull out databases, but do not have the resources for this, there is a special offer, contact!

    It is important that the name and phone are present in the database, but sometimes I buy email databases or just phones. I buy bases on large amounts and constantly!

    ATTENTION: I myself have a lot of databases, I check the database for uniqueness, please do not offer a public database and build them on their basis. Please immediately write the source of the database, the relevance, quantity and price

    Garant welcome, ready for any verification!

    Successful sales!

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    You cannot ignore Java considering how well the Android app market is performing

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